Machine Worship in Pop Culture

The intersection of technology and spirituality often takes the form of “machine worship” in movies, television, and other media. Often it serves a warning, other times it is simply an element of the lore.

Below I’ve linked a “tropes” page that lists many appearing in pop culture during the past century. I’ll quickly highlight three of my personal favorites from television and movies. (Expand the folders under “Examples” to see more.)
borg* The Borg from Star Trek, who believe their machine/flesh combo platter form is “perfect”.

cybermen___upgrade_now_by_tibots* The Cybermen from Doctor Who, who where a race on a dying planet that began replacing their bodies with machines to survive, later deciding to chuck out their emotions as well.
maVtKGv* Brother Cavil from Battlestar Galactica, who resents being trapped in a human form and wished he had been created as a machine