On “Scientific Pantheism”

“Paganism” involves a bit of a loose definition that changes slightly, depending on whom is asked. The same goes for other non-monotheistic religious terms, such as pantheism.

Techno-paganism shares much in common with “scientific pantheism,” which also elevates the use of the scientific method to explore the universe, adding to it a deep reverence for nature.

Quoting from www.pantheism.net, Scientific Pantheism involves:

* Reverence, awe, wonder and a feeling of belonging to Nature and the wider Universe.
* Respect and active care for the rights of all humans and other living beings.
* Celebration of our lives in our bodies on this beautiful earth as a joy and a privilege.
* Strong naturalism – without belief in supernatural realms, afterlives, beings or forces.
* Respect for reason, evidence and the scientific method as our best ways of understanding nature and the Cosmos.
* Promotion of non-discrimination, religious tolerance, freedom of and from religion and complete separation of state and religion.

Unlike Techno-Paganism, the focus of “SciPan” is on nature and the universe, and the use of science to further that understanding. The use of technology is implied, rather than central.

Is SciPan more for you? What about agnosticism, secular humanism, idealism, or even deism? Read the following, more-detailed explanation of SciPan and try your hand at the quiz!