Video: “PaganPerspectives” on Technopaganism

A few years ago, Cara from the paganperspectives YouTube channel posted a video describing the basics, for her, of Technopaganism.

Click here to watch the video!

In the video, she discusses the following topics:

  • “Nine Words Serve The TechMage Best: Keep what works, Fix what’s broke, Dump the rest.”
  • Techno shamanism
  • Urban shamanism
  • Keeping an electronic book of shadows
  • Using a laser pointer instead of a wand
  • Using a lighter for fire
  • Using different colors of lighters depending on the moon phase
  • Using magic to aid technology
  • Using crystals to help keep your computer running well
  • Using magic to aid your online character in a game
  • Having a belief that technology has a unique spirit
  • Having a belief that a computer or a car has a unique spirit
  • Car protection spells
  • Chants to the goddess of travel while driving
  • An urban take on our connection and relation to nature
  • Using technology to aid magic
  • iTunes when doing yoga
  • Entering trance-like states at raves and dances
  • Blessing a sewing machine used to make pouches
  • Physical ritual to celebrate technology
  • Not being about or but and, so not using this or that but combining technology with your pagan practice
  • Technology being a part of nature because it comes from us so all things are natural
  • Interconnectedness and blessedness in cyberspace
  • Using a stove instead of a campfire does not automatically make one a technopagan
  • Use what works

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