Selena Fox Blesses Cell Phones / Cyberspace Communications

As per posted on Selena Fox’s Facebook page on September 25th, 2016:

“Community Blessing of our Cell Phones & Cyberspace Communications was part of our Fall Equinox Ritual at Circle Sanctuary yesterday.

“Thanks to all for your comments & feedback. Cell phones connect us with individuals, with organizations, with those known & unknown, with news reports & commentary, with life on planet Earth & beyond. Cell phones have increasingly become part of our lives & consciousness. Doing ceremony to recognize this, focus our attention on cleansing away negativity & enhance wellness can aid us in our use of them & our connections with each other…

“Blessings can be done with your device there. In our rite, in addition to doing a blessing on the actual devices those placed in the large crystal singing bowl while it was vibrating, we did blessings on our communications in cyberspace as well as cyberspace as a whole — so it was a global rather than just an American blessing…

“For many people cell phones & other mobile devices are with them throughout most, if not all, of waking life & some even sleep with cell phones by their side at night. Important to cleanse & protect the devices themselves — as well as the users — and cyberspace as a whole.”

“Selena has been a Wiccan priestess and Pagan artist since 1973. Selena’s approach to spirituality emphasizes Nature communion and blends together ancient and contemporary European and American folkways, Wiccan traditions, multicultural shamanism, and transpersonal psychology. She is one of America’s best known Pagan elders, networkers, and civil liberties activists.” Learn more at