What is “Techo-Paganism”?

Techno-paganism (or “technopaganism,” or even sometimes “techno-shamanism/technoshamanism”) is not a strictly-defined term. In general, it refers to the intersection of spirituality and technology; although this may happen in any number of fashions.

For some, they use the tools of technology to approach their own belief system. For others, technology itself is the focus of their mysticism.

Quoting from the wiki entry:

“Technopaganism has a number of distinct definitions found in various discourse:

* The use of modern-day devices in magical ritual. This can include the substitution of technology for traditional magical tools, such as using their oven for a hearth, keeping a “Disk of Shadows” instead of a “Book of Shadows”, and using a laser pointer as a wand. In other practice, technology is the target of the magical work, such as the use of stones and other charms to help improve the performance of mundane items or online role-playing avatars.
* Modern tribal/urban primitive movements such as urban shamanism and rave culture. This is often used in association with electronic dance music.
* An emergent trend in neopagan thought that deals with spiritual and magical facets of technology and technological society. Associated with this is the use of technological metaphors (most often computer and/or telecommunications metaphors) to describe spiritual phenomena, as well as the use of symbolism from popular culture in spiritual contexts.”